Friday, September 28, 2012

Attention poetry mavens: any suggestions for good contemporary poets (either in general or particular collections)? Have sudden appetite but very little idea where to start. Any advice welcome!


Pajamas and Socks said...
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Pajamas and Socks said...

Ugh, I have no idea why my comment got deleted! Here's a second try,

I'm not sure if you've already read some of their work. But here are a few of my favourite poems, by my favourite contemporary poets.

Marginalia, by Billy Collins :

Farewell, by Agha Shahid Ali :

Leaving and Leaving You, by Sophie Hannah :

- Shruti

Aleksandra said...

How about Andrew Motion?

Shelf of One's Own said...

Thanks! x

Gfulmore said...

Here are some choices from a variety of styles and fame levels - all still living, 3 Americans and 1English:

Daniel Berrigan - Selected & New Poems - the well known social activist and Jesuit priest, who served time in jail for such activities as burning draft records and pouring blood on nuclear warheads. I recently discovered this book in a small used book store (the best kind) in Sandpoint, Idaho and have been consistently floored by his poems, ranging from his stark early religious imagery to his final moving series about his friend Thomas Merton.

Christian Wiman - Every Riven Thing - I came across this amazing poet - also the editor of Poetry magazine - after reading his essay about his incurable disease in Image magazine.

Dana Gioia - Pity the Beautiful

Richard Skelton - ok, this guy is great, especially if you love the uk countryside - check his web site Corbal Stone Press to get an idea of his work. I first came across his work in a musical context via a cover story in The Wire music magazine - in an attempt to confront his grief over the early death of his first wife, he immersed himself in the countryside and wrote an incredible series of poems and prose fragments, in addition to composing sad drones which he recorded in the open moors. Can't rave enough...

Elizabeth said...

Two that I am currently enjoying: A Choosing by Liz Lochhead, and 101 Sonnets edited by Don Paterson (which includes a range of sonnets, some of them contemporary, and has me wanting to go out and read more by several of the poets featured). I also highly recommend Plume, by Kathleen Flennikan (Washington State's current Poet Laureate--not sure how much she's read outside the Northwest). Enjoy! -Elizabeth