Monday, May 25, 2009

Ode on the Purchase of Elizabeth Von Arnim's Enchanted April

I heart you
I buy you
Too Much.

* NYRB = New York Review of Books selection; usually out-of-print classics brought back into print. The whole line of books are produced with uniform (though variegated) design and multicolored spines. Google them. They are very pretty. Very collectible. Munchable.


Erin said...

lovely...i think i just may be convinced to try my first nyrb...perhaps my reading slump is not a slump after all, but a yearning for something new!

Ian Woolcott said...

I have a long lovely shelf of NYRB paperbacks. I just made a trip to Green Apple Books in San Francisco the other day and added Walser's Jakob von Gunten.