Friday, September 17, 2010

To those who have had to put up with me as a morose and touchy and collicky fanatical email-checking credit-obsessed neurotic - my apologies. I've needed your support. I got the email from the British Consulate in L.A. yesterday with the news that my VISA had been approved, on the heels of the news that my loans had come through. This cannot sound miraculous enough.

So: in two weeks today I'll be on the plane to London with all of my possessions in two shabby bags. In the meantime lists are being formed. Movie Bingo Nights, compline, honey mead and Pimm's at the White Horse, museums, the continuing hunt for Raymond Carver, the quest for the perfect sweater, paying bills, seeing friends, Victoriana, and more David Attenborough.

(A still of a bird-of-paradise trying to impress a drab female. Voice over from David: "But sometimes your best just isn't good enough." I just can't stop talking about Planet Earth.)

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Erin said...

Kudos, my friend! I am beyond happy for you...though terribly glum to see you go. Mazel tov on your next great adventure!

PS Some day we should put together an animal preserve with all our favorite Planet Earth animals...especially the poodoo and codcod cat, and the desert fox and the leaping lizards, and of course the birds of paradise!