Monday, December 6, 2010

The indignities of winter

- Sunset at 4pm
- the third cold in two months
- unshuttable windows and meager heating device
- thus frigid bedroom
- thus arthritic fingers
- cold toilets & showers
- not enough jumpers
- constant hunger
- hibernation instincts
- sense of the isolation of mankind
- belief in imminent destruction of the planet by comets
- walking around with an unchanging grimace

Who are these people who talk about crystalline walks in nature? And the minute perfection of frost patterns on windows? I’d like to know. I’d make them spend a night in my freezer – I mean room. Consolation: mulled wine.


Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

I hear ya, it's been snowing here since Friday (or did this mess start on Thursday night? I forget.) It doesn't look like it's going to stop this week...already over a foot of snow, another 5-9 inches due today and another 5-9 by tomorrow morning and more throughout the day tomorrow...Upstate New York winter up to its old tricks, Lake Ontario is the snow seems I can't get warm enough. (Dang, where's a hot flash when I need one?) I try to make the best of it by wearing lots of layers and taking pictures of what's out there in the winter wonderland.

Aleksandra said...

I am! I'm one of those naive dreamers who stop to look for (obviously un)identical snowflakes in -15 C!
And I have a broken heater, too, so I'm sitting in 2 and a half jumpers and two pairs of socks right now. But I will find magic anywhere.

Thank you for your blog. It is not only a good read and a pleasure for the eye, but it (well, you) also encourage me not to chicken out and pursue my dreams and apply to UK for my MA.

Ian Wolcott said...

Comets never seem so likely as they do in a wet December.

Shelf of One's Own said...

Ian, I agree. L & A, now that winter is really and truly here (and I have a heater) I've decided to convert to winter wonderlandedness. And Aleksandra, you should definitely go for the MA. (And thanks for reading!)